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Headhunting companies focus on the flow of social talent resources and its underlying laws, understand the talent needs of the corporate image, and implicit needs such as cultural values, build the best dynamic matching between talent and enterprise, and help enterprises recruit the right talent at the minimum cost. In the long run, we should make a good connection with potential talents and form strategic reserve of talents and human resources management.

“请问猎头为什么女生多?” “VC老师,你是在逗我吗?这个问题还需要问么?一直是这样啊。” “而且我告诉你,猎头圈不仅女猎头多,而且单身女猎头多,颜值高女猎头多,情商高女猎头多。。。“ “这个确实有,不过,你分析过为啥是这个情况?” “额。。。难道是招不到男生造成的?” “漏漏漏。。。这个事情我还有点想过,要听不?” …More
Where does self-success come from? Self-success requires certain psychological strategies. Any of us should have a direction in our efforts and pay attention to psychological strategies in order to …More