Where does self-success come from?

Where does self-success come from? Self-success requires certain psychological strategies. Any of us should have a direction in our efforts and pay attention to psychological strategies in order to succeed. If it is blindly brutal, it will probably not achieve the desired results. So what kind of personality is easy to succeed? Greek philosopher Plutarch said, "Habit forms character, character determines fate" to explain character, to a certain extent, determines individual success or failure. Whether you are a winner or a loser is closely related to your personality. It is said that personality is difficult to change, but transcendence is not difficult to achieve. We must learn to be decisive when we do things. This is the essential accomplishment of every person who has accomplished great things. Because opportunities do not always appear, only when you make your own decisions, can you seize the fleeting opportunities, so that the psychological quality of success in one fell swoop is very important to individual success or failure, its role is above personal ability. Good psychological quality is the guarantee of success. Whether faced with success or failure, we must keep ourselves calm. Now I will list a few successful people, the necessary psychological quality, just for your reference: First, self-awareness I think that the so-called self-awareness, is a keen intuition of self-awareness, refers to their own psychological, behavioral attitudes and other perceptions and understanding. The main objects of self-perception are their needs, motivations, attitudes, emotions and personality characteristics, as well as their speech, behavior, expression, intonation and other behavioral attitudes. Accurate self-perception is conducive to individual social adjustment and good development of psychological and behavioral quality. Second, self-respect refers to the value and ability of self-behavior, a subjective need recognized by others and society, and the pursuit of human dignity and value. If this need and pursuit can be satisfied, the heart will produce self-confidence, and thus feel valuable. Thirdly, self-control and self-control is the active mastery of one's own psychology and behavior, an important component of self-consciousness, a comprehensive ability of self-control and self-regulation of one's behavior without external supervision, restraining impulse, resisting temptation, delaying gratification and unremitting assurance of goal realization. All of these will be manifested in cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects. Fourth, self-regulation and self-regulation, mainly refers to self-psychological regulation, the fierce competition in modern society, every person in the workplace, are facing tremendous pressure, from the work and life of the dual pressure makes many people physically and mentally exhausted, even knocked down by disease. Compared with physical diseases, psychological diseases are more harmful. Many people think that stress is a normal thing, because there is pressure to have motivation, but if the pressure is too high, it will imperceptibly affect your own physical and mental health. Fifth, self-image self-image, in fact, is the self-concept of "what kind of person I belong to", which is based on our understanding and evaluation of ourselves. Generally speaking, individual self-beliefs are based on their past successes and failures, others'reactions to themselves, and their comparative awareness of the environment, especially childhood experience. According to these, people will form "self-image" in their hearts. As far as we are concerned, once an idea or belief related to ourselves enters this "portrait", it will become "real". Sixth, self-motivation is the so-called self-motivation, which means that people are always in an exciting state by stimulating their behavioral motivation. This kind of state can not only motivate people to face the work and meet the challenges with passion, but also make extraordinary achievements in the work, because success always belongs to those who make unremitting efforts and constantly self-motivation. Seventh, self-realization is actually called self-realization, which means that people need to exert their potential and show their abilities; only when the potential of people is fully developed and displayed, people will feel the greatest satisfaction. Similarly, the key to anyone's self-success lies in comparing with himself. Don't compare with those brilliant winners. Everyone's abilities, opportunities and efforts are different. We can't simply judge heroes by success or failure. As long as our abilities are gradually improved, our income is gradually increased, and our happiness is gradually increased, our quality of life will become better, then this is a kind of self-success. Make a little progress every day, take a little step every day, life will be full of hope, and your future will be worth looking forward to!

Author: Sam Liu